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We Housekeeperz is committed to all our customer’s expectations in cleaning and hygiene environment. However with sheer determination and guts, over the time the company has been able to carve a solid business foundation for itself.

Providing Housekeeperz & Cleaners in India

Our reputation for consistency and uncompromising standards makes us one of the leading housekeeping and domestic cleaning companies in India

For each and every client we tailor our services and staff teams to suit their needs.

Our management team has over 50 years of experience delivering excellent complimentary services to a wide range of businesses. We build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with all our clients.

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We’re professionally trained
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We Housekeeperz and Cleaners


Would you forego a leisurely afternoon nap for your cleaning woes? If not, you can look forward to an extremely fulfilling experience with the house or office cleaning services in Kolkata.

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Property Management

Property management is also the management of personal property, equipment, tooling, and physical capital assets that are acquired and used to build, repair, and maintain end item deliverables.

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Facade Cleaning

We Housekeeperz is a national provider of facade cleaning and maintenance Services Company. The company is actively servicing over 100 clients and is also providing services to the major airports.

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Gardening & Horticulture

Horticulture and gardening involve the aesthetic cultivating of ornamental plants, native plants, fruits, vegetables, and flowers in public and domestic gardens and landscapes.

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Security Services

We provide proficient Security Personnel to Hotels, Shopping Malls, Office Complexes, Industrial Premises, Residential Properties, Night Clubs / Pubs and Event Organizers, Educational organization, Hospital etc.

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Catering Services

We Housekeeperz works the way you need to feed your Staff Lunches, Clients Meets, Senior Management Meals, Company events and Pantry Snacks. Make your corporate catering easier and regain more time in your day.

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Engineering & Maintenance

Engineering & Maintenance is the discipline and profession of applying engineering concepts for the optimization of equipment, procedures, and departmental budgets to achieve better maintainability, reliability.

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Painting & Polishing

Painting and polishing go hand in hand; so much so that ideally they should be done by the same contractor. Polish can get on to painted surfaces and paint can get on to polished surfaces and done before the painting.

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Carpet Shampooing

Carpet cleaning, for appearance, and the removal of stains, dirt, and allergens is done through several methods. Clean carpets are recognized by manufacturers as being more visually pleasing, potentially longer-lasting.

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Garbage Removal

There are quite a few garbage items that your standard municipal garbage service won’t pick up for you. Some of these items include electronics, furniture, appliances and construction materials. Are your garbage items fairly large.

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Upholstery & Interior Maintenance

When you need to clean the textile upholstery or headliner, & Interior Maintenance never scrape or rub a stain as this may destroy the fabric. Nor should you ever use stain removing agents, as this risks discoloration of the fabric.

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We are committed to give a true 5-star level housekeeping services to our clients throughout India by understanding their individual needs and we provide customised tailor made services and special solution through a deep team efforts.


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