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About Us

We Housekeperz is committed to all our customer’s expectations in cleaning and hygiene environment. However with sheer determination and guts, over the time the company has been able to carve a solid business foundation for itself.

We believe that everything is achievable by having faith in our services and hard work. Our core philosophy is that there is no obstacle that you can’t take over if you have the passion and the willingness to succeed. In our case, the passion was to provide world class and cutting edge facility management solutions to our prospects across Kolkata. This passion was fueled by the high magnitude of planning and hard work that the entire team has put in the venture. They say hard work always pays, and in our case, it paid off well. Having more than a decade of experience by our side, we have successfully demonstrated that Kolkata companies can also be as efficient as any other international company when it comes to facility management. They say it’s easy to reach the top, but to stay there is really difficult. We know this for a fact and our team ensures that under no circumstances our efforts are compromised even for a day. We are company for whom putting the best every second of our work life is as important as breathing is to human beings.

We are glad to inform our visitors, that today We Housekeeperz is a name to reckon with and is highly respected in the facility management sector. We owe our humble success to our hard working team and our gracious clients equally, and we promise to keep on delivering the quality work in the times to come.

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