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Facade Cleaning

We Housekeeperz is a national provider of facade cleaning and maintenance Services Company. The company is actively servicing over 100 clients and is also providing services to the major airports. It specializes in facade cleaning and maintenance services.

With the revolution in modern Engineering & Architecture there is a complete change in the exterior for all major modern buildings. The external facades of all the buildings are changing from the conventional paintings to Glass & Metallic facade. The concept & technology is developing in leaps & bounds. The greatest Challenge here is the maintenance. At any point of time it is required to ensure that the surface is spotlessly clean.

This is where We Housekeeperz plays an important role in the maintenance process. We have a team of highly trained professionals with long experience in the execution of such jobs. Starting from the use of Rope Access / Spiderman System to the latest Cradle operation we are equipped to execute any External Facade maintenance job.

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